Running for president, I saw the inner workings of how the election game is played in America. The Democrat presidential primary campaign is more of a reality TV show than a democratic process, at this point hardly news to anyone who has cared to take a deeper look at it. The conversations that dominate the campaign season — and the participants in it — are pre-approved by a campaign-media-industrial complex which punishes harshly (usually through ridicule and disinformation) anyone who doesn’t toe the line. …

The undemocratic underpinnings that produced today’s circumstances have been present for a while. As someone who wrote and talked about them — even campaigned for political office on it — I can say from experience that while many people knew and were open to the national course-correction called for, our political and media establishment and the groupthink it produced have been deeply averse to even a conversation about the dark underbelly of American society and the fundamental changes that have been called for. America has had many warnings…and so many looked away.

None of this is to make us feel…

The president has announced he’s going to go into American cities with high crime rates and fill them up with militarized agents who will fix all that. How, exactly? Well, no one is sure, because violent criminals don’t wear signs that say, “Me! I’m the bad guy! Come get me!” …


Which Democrat takes on Mitch McConnell in November’s Senate race is a decision that will be made by Kentucky Democrats next Tuesday. People not only in Kentucky, but all over the country, have passionate beliefs about who that Democrat should be.

I’m convinced that Mike Broihier is the best person for the job. I’ll tell you why…

The Schumer-led Democratic establishment chose Amy McGrath as their favorite in large part because she’s a Marine. A military background is not only admirable but particularly appealing in a state like Kentucky…

Marianne Williamson at the second Democratic debates
Marianne Williamson at the second Democratic debates

Last year, I ran for president.

At my CNN Town Hall, I said there was a threat of fascism in our midst.

The ladies on The View said I was only trying to sell books (the way to sell books is by selling books, by the way).

At the Democratic debate, I spoke of “the dark psychic forces of collectivized hatred that this man has unleashed in our country.”

Anderson Cooper said I wasn’t serious enough about mental illness (i.e., deferential enough to Big Pharma).

I said throughout the campaign that we needed radical truth-telling — especially about environmental, economic…

Marianne Williamson

Activist, author, spiritual lecturer, founder of LA’s Project Angel Food, author of A Politics of Love and A Return to Love

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